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Updating Your Trend Micro License Key

It’s that time again. Let’s get rolling with updating your Trend Micro license key.

First thing’s first: you need to open Trend Micro so you can enter the new key. Or if you don’t have Trend at all, hit the button below to download it. For opening it, you can either click the icon on your desktop, in your task tray, or in your programs. Check out the images below for an example.

Got it open? Great!


You should now be looking at this window on the right. Go ahead and click on “expires on ________” so we can enter your new license key.

Last Step!


You should now see this new window after hitting that “expires on” link. All you need to do is click on the “Change your serial number” button and type in that new key we emailed to you.

Enjoy your next year of protection!

(And maybe read our Defeating Malware Article to help keep you safe out there.)


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