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Ever look at posted testimonies and wonder if they are legitimate? We don’t want you to wonder. Everything we post is 100% straight from our clients. Please also feel free to head over to our Facebook review page and see additional reviews.

See what the CCT family has to say about us:

“Got one of the all-in-ones from Paul and LOVE it! What a bargain….”

-Wade C.

“Thanks for a great Computer buying experience. My wife is so happy with it and off my back!” 

-Mark M.

“Thank you so much for fixing my computer, and keeping your word.”

-Keally B.

I am a proud supporter of local businesses instead of big box stores whenever possible and when I decided to buy a new computer I called Paul at Classic City Technology. Paul helped me choose the right laptop and had it set up and running with the software I ordered for my business. It was ready to go! Paul listened to what I asked for, he was very responsive to my questions and provided superior service and follow through!! I highly recommend Paul and Classic City Technology for anyone with a need for a new computer, computer service, web design, etc!!! Excellent service and I will definitely make all of my future computer decisions at Classic City Technology! Thank you Paul!!”

-John P.

“…Classic City Tech helped me defeat problems that my security software couldn’t handle, and on two of those occasions, help was off-hours.”

-Alan G.

“Thanks so very much for your help! I really, really appreciate what you do and the “service-oriented” way you do it.”

-Rick S.

“Thank you so much for dropping by and helping me with my problem. You are a very sweet guy, and I appreciate you so much.”

-Jackie C.

“Our company utilized the services of multiple companies & technicians prior to meeting you, but none provided the knowledge and professionalism the we have received from you. The computer you designed for our company in 2002, and the upgrades you have been called upon to install, have served us faithfully. Obviously, you have the knowledge and expertise to build a high quality computer. This alone is enough reason to continue using your services. But, for me, this is only the initial reason. Your after-market service blows away your competition. Your quick response, not only to any equipment problems, but especially to ‘user’ problems has decrease stress levels for me on so many occasions. You are my computer hero.”

-Gwen B.

“Thanks so much! I love the computer, it is exactly what I wanted in my studio. Also, thanks for coming back out to hook up the printer.”

-Nancy L.

“I really like this guy and he is a genius… He’s great and that’s the truth.”

-Marianne P.

“I love the computer you built for me…It is very fast, very user friendly and very efficient…Your phone support has been wonderful. Any time I have had a question, all I had to do is call. I would definitely call you again for my next computer.”

-Barry M.

“I am sitting here at this wonderful computer of mine. It was built by Paul Popov way back in 2008 and I have not had one molecule of trouble with it. He is brilliant and I just thought I would spread the word about him. He did not ask me to; I am just doing it to support a small, local business that is excellent.”

-Christy G.

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Single custom build? Mass-produced business workstations? Virtual environments? We handle any and all.

Once you use a CCT computer, you'll never go name-brand again.

Not sure exactly what you need or which new program will best take care of your business?

Considering if you should keep your existing infrastructure or move to the cloud?

We've seen it all and are here to help. Let us point you in the right direction. 

Too small for a full-time IT staff? We get it.

Most businesses really don't need a full time technical staff once the network is running as it should.

We offer the perfect solution to keep you up and running at max efficiency. 

Wired, Wireless, Fiber, and beyond. All scopes, from design to implementation.

Your network is the backbone of your company. A bad network not only risks data loss but slows down productivity.

From designing a new network to optimizing or documenting your current, we have the experience to take you to the next level.

Not sure how to protect yourself from the current threat landscape? End users are the weakest link. Let us turn them into your greatest asset.

Did a computer with critical data go down? That system running a RAID array? Not a problem. We can rebuild arrays and recover your data.

Hit by ransomware? Let us take a crack at it... we can decrypt a good number of the variants out there.

We've been involved in the IP video surveillance industry since 1996 with roll-outs from home users to high-security military installations.

Everything you need from the initial evaluation to the deployment, training, and maintenance of your new, cutting edge, local or cloud-based systems.

Have a website? Need a website? We are with you every step of the way.

From a professional WordPress deployment to a hand-written eCommerce site, your dreams are our goals.

Let's work together to make your vision into a reality.