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Remote Support

We are happy to provide remote support whenever possible so you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home.


The agent requires no installation. Simply download it, save it somewhere you can find it, and then run it. You will be given an ID and password to allow for the remote support. Pass these along to us, sit back, and let us fix things up for you.


The host is an installation that stays running on your computer so you can request our assistance without even being at your computer. All you need to do is provide us with your ID and password and to leave the computer on. We’ll handle the rest.

The agent creates a four-digit password which we will ask from you. It offers you the option to generate a new password at any point if you wish to change this. The host will finish its installation by requesting you to create your own password. The host stays running on your computer to allow for remote access at any time, but of course, we will only ever connect with your direct permission. And you can always change the password between sessions for extra peace of mind if desired.

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