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Network Engineering

From Design



No project is too big or too small for us to plan and develop the appropriate networking solutions for your home, business, or large project. From International Enterprise businesses, to home networks, we can provide the best design, needs assessment and the best most cost effective equipment for your needs and budget. So many times we see products that were sold by a slick talking sales man that are only using 1/20th of their capabilities, simply because the salesman did not really know the equipment. We do not sell or design anything that we are not professionally and technically proficient in, so you will get the most for your money, and never regret it!



Few can claim to have the experience we do when it comes to network engineering. Our owner has been doing network engineering for over 20 years. Bringing professionalism with that experience, he makes sure the job is done right, with no shortcuts that will bite you later, and consideration of return on investment. He engineered, designed and supervised installation of the network in Kuwait that CENTCOM fought the war on terror for the first 3 years, along with many other networks all over the USA, including Con Agra’s poultry division before it was sold, Fulton County Government, Dekalb county Government, Fort MacPherson, Fort Gillem, Greenville-Spartanville School system, Fairfield County School system, Cibavision, Morehouse School of Medicine, North Georgia College and many, many, more.

To Implementation

Wired Network


Home user or running a business, we can setup a wired network to best serve you. From managed and unmanaged switches to routers and wireless access points, we have the experience and product know-how to get you the proper networking setup for your unique requirements. Need to wire in a new device at the house? Not a problem! Multiple buildings need to be networked with fiber? We have you covered!

Wireless Network


Each location is unique, and so is each wireless solution. We can determine what the best setup is for your location. Maybe you only need an access point for home, or an open access point for a business, or maybe you need to cover a large building with many walls. Perhaps running physical cables isn’t an option and you need to bridge buildings together over a large distance? We can get you up and running smoothly so that you, your business, or your clients can seamlessly use the wireless network.

And Beyond


Of course, not all businesses are limited to a single physical location. Our solutions will can get all of your locations up and running though VPN connections back to your main site. In fact, our work establishing large site to site VPN setups has even been featured in networking publications. Trust our experiance to keep you up and running wherever you are.

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