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Managed IT



Great for small and medium size businesses who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time IT staff. We provide reasonable pricing and professional service that is hard to find these days. Why pay for an IT staff all the time when you only need it some of the time? We know your time and money is important, and we aim to make our services quick and affordable. Contracting with us gets you a set number of hours to use us for anything (based on your needs), guaranteed within 24 hour emergency response, and a discounted rate once that preset time is used for the month. And best of all? No contract! We let our work speak for itself to keep your business.

IT When You Want


Rather than pay to staff a whole department, or trying to find if they are even qualified, take out the guesswork and hire us only when you need us. Computer problems usually aren’t a constant issue, but one that crops up occasionally. Is it fiscally sound to always have an IT staff on the payroll when issues only occur once a month? Even once a week?

Remote IT


Not every problem requires someone on site, so we provide remote tech services to solve those little problems. As long as your problem isn’t your internet going down, we can remotely connect to computers or servers to troubleshoot an issue. This saves you time and money, all while doing the job right.

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