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The wireless doesn't show up, is really slow, or won't connect to the internet.
Last Updated 9 years ago

The first thing to check out is that your router and modem are receiving power. There is a power strip located in your kitchen closet which should have three power cords plugged in that go into the grate. Please verify the power strip itself is plugged in and powered on and that these power cords are all plugged in.

If you find that your wireless is not broadcasting, isn't letting you use the internet, or is just going really slowly, that means that there is a problem with the service coming into your unit or else your getting some signal interference from another location. The most common issue that Athens Ridge residents encounter is the result of an interruption in communication between the cable modem and the router. You can frequently resolve this issue on your own by following these simple steps:

1. Go into the closet by the kitchen and turn off the power strip that is hanging on the wall

2. Wait 5 minutes

3. Turn the power strip back on

4. Wait 5 minutes

5. Try to connect to internet

If you try this and still are unable to access the internet, please fill out a ticket for support and we will help get you back online.

It should also be mentioned that following these steps is not a violation of your lease. The portion of your lease pertaining to the networking equipment is specifically for what is behind the grate. Only trained technicians should be removing the grate for hardware troubleshooting.

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