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Have an issue? Give us a ring. If it’s not during normal hours, you can leave a message with a callback number and someone will get back with you. Want to know a bit more about what we offer? Check out our Products and Services.


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Address: 8771 Macon Hwy, Ste C, Athens, Ga 30606


Phone: 706-549-9300



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We’re old-fashioned: You aren’t just a client, you’re family. Give us a shout and let us show you how our technical knowledge combined with our professional attitudes have generated our 5-star service.


The agent requires no installation. Simply download it, save it somewhere you can find it, and then run it. You will be given an ID and password to allow for the remote support. Pass these along to us, sit back, and let us fix things up for you.


The host is an installation that stays running on your computer so you can request our assistance without even being at your computer. All you need to do is provide us with your ID and password and to leave the computer on. We’ll handle the rest.


Not all problems need a “drop everything and help” response. Submitting tickets alerts all of us instantly, lets us research and reach out with answers (typically within minutes over email for simple issues), and lets us better plan our visits for optimal efficiency.