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Through these doors lie the Articles of Techiness (yes, we are indeed nerds). Tired of being tracked online? Ever wonder if one processor is actually better than another or if you are being duped by fancy advertising? We carefully craft these articles from all things technology to match subjects you find interesting. Want us to write about something specific? Head on over to our contact page and let us know! It may just be our next post. Articles are published on alternating Mondays.

Welcome… to the Articles of Techiness

IT vs Software Support

-A quick aside from the author- Hello everyone, good to be back at the Articles. For those of you who aren't following our Facebook feed or getting our emails (if you aren't, I do hope you'll sign up), I have been occupied acting as a beta tester/analyst of the 2019...

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Hide Your House From Google

How to Hide Your House from Google   As you may have guessed from previous posts, we like protecting our privacy. Sometimes this can come with some pretty real-world benefits too beyond what we think some agency may or man not be monitoring. Check out this guest...

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Security Privacy Anonymity

These three concepts should go hand-in-hand, right? The truth is, they don't. In fact, as any single one of these increases, the others tend to decrease. To make matters worse, people often do not understand the level to which privacy is now being violated. So that...

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Protect Your Files

How would you like to know if someone was going through your files or emails? Security is sadly lacking not just for end users but for many businesses as well. Even worse, it isn't for lack of money but for lack of knowledge in how to protect yourself. We've talked...

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Microsoft Does NOT Want to Help

Have you ever gotten a call from Microsoft, your ISP, or some other group claiming that there is an issue with your computer and that they can remotely connect to fix it? And even better, fix it for free? Sadly, these are complete scams. Sure, they'll sign into your...

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Spending Money Effectively

Today I want to talk about a more touchy subject: when is it really worth spending your money? Is buying a new computer actually going to help? How about employee training? A firewall? Replacing your boss? Yeah, ok, maybe you can't actually do that last one but it...

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Windows Vs Mac: the Showdown

  The battle of the operating systems: Windows vs OS X vs Linux That's right. It's time to look at what's out there, which one is the best, and why. But before we begin, let's clear up a few questions. Yes, we are indeed a "Windows only" IT group. We do work on OS X...

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IT People are Magic

IT people are magic. That's all there is to it. Well ok, maybe that isn't quite the case but it seems to be the general feeling toward us. So let's push back that veil of the IT world and give you a better idea how we opperate. So there's no magic?   What you actually...

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The Cloud

Time to Talk About the Cloud Right off, you are probably wondering if we like the cloud or not. The truth is, there's no single answer to that question. There are as many different answers as there are different types of clouds. The short answer is that we generally...

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Understanding Your Network

Understanding Your Network Time to translate some of our nerd speek so you actually know what we're talking about. So basically... We want to look at a few key areas of your network and let you know a little more about them. For example, what is your computer's IP...

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